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Review: #CoastToCoast Festival at O22, Trident

salad counter buffetSea food lovers, this one is for you! Trident, Bandra Kurla is hosting a Coastal Food Festival called Coast To Coast at their restaurant O22. An extensive buffet spread with an array of delicacies from various coastal regions across India.

We started our meal with the welcome drink, a refreshing blend of Ginger, Lemon and Honey served in a mini matka. The buffet had a live counter where you could choose your fish and the chef would prepare it for you right then. We tried an assortment of seared fish wrapped in a leaf and prawns. Perfectly cooked and delicately spiced, we were already impressed with the food!

Next we moved on to the buffet spread, there was a Farsan Counter, a Pickle and salad counter with some great variations like the Nilgiri Jhinga Salad, Chicken Pakora Salad, Chettinad Paneer Salad and more. The Amrood ki Chutney and the South Indian Pickle were also worth a try.

In the mains, we absolutely loved the Malabar Lamb Biryani – succulent lamb pieces in a flavourful biryani and the Crab Xacuti – crab cooked in a spicy gravy. There were plenty of choices for vegetarians as well like the Badi Choora – a staple Oriya meal with dried lentils mixed with garlic and chopped veggies.

Coming to the desserts, there was Payesh, Kala Jamun, Ras Malai, Macarons, Panna Cotta and some cakes. The Ras Malai and Macarons with a Truffle were on top of our list followed by the rest.

The Coast To Coast Festival is priced at 1975+Tax per person and the menu is rotational. The same menu gets repeated every 6 days.

Overall, this one is a must try for all the coastal food fans!

Venue: O22, Trident

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Bandra Kurla Complex

Landmark: Next to Sofitel Hotel

Phone: 6672 7777


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Review: Vietnamese Food Festival at Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel

Buffet Spread
Buffet Spread

Not many people are aware of this but Vietnamese cuisine is known for its balance of five elements. Most Vietnamese dishes include five fundamental taste senses: spicy (metal), sour (wood), bitter (fire), salty (water) and sweet (earth). We stopped by at Sofitel’s Vietnamese Food Festival wondering if we would get to taste a piece of Vietnam or not.

Chef Dao Van Son, the Executive Sous Chef at the Sofitel Plaza Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam had specially come down from Vietnam to conduct this food festival at their BKC property. Vietnamese cuisine concentrates on herbs over spices and that’s something we were really looking forward to enjoying.

On entering, we saw the huge buffet spread but to our utter disappointment, the spread was divided into Indian, Continental and Vietnamese. The Vietnamese spread had merely 3-4 main course dishes, a couple of salads and a live Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) counter.

Raw Mango Salad
Raw Mango Salad

We started with the salads, that completely stood out for their fresh and tangy flavour. Our favourite was the Raw Mango Salad which was pleasantly sour with fresh herbs and light on the palate.  The Crab Soup was a quite yummy and definitely worth a second serving. The Pho was beautifully prepared, you could choose between Chicken or Beef and they would make it for you with plenty of green onions, rice noodles, ginger and coriander. This one was definitely the star of the meal.

The mains were not as impressive. Fried rice and fried noodles were plain average. The fish was good, tender and cooked to perfection, however the seasoning was missing.

For desserts, there was coffee and mango flavoured jelly alongwith poached fruits. Simple, frill free and light, we quite enjoyed these.

1401648071399 Virgin Pineapple Martini2_Vietnam Voyage_SMBKCThe rest of the spread was quite interesting. A mushroom counter that displayed all types of mushrooms that could be tossed in Thai Curry, Risotto or an Indian gravy, a chaat counter, a fish counter where you could choose your fish and get it cooked the way you want it. There was a good spread of cheeses and salads on one end and a huge spread of bite sized desserts.

We thoroughly enjoyed are experience here and we’re definitely looking forward to the next food festival!

Venue: Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East

Landmark: Near Trident

Phone: 6117 5000


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