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A dairy free cafe in the heart of bandra, at first you might think, oh I’m not vegan so it’s not for me, but one visit and you’re sure to fall in love with the space!
Located at Waterfield Road, firstly I love the name, Earth Cafe, is located above Pernia’s Pop Up and might not be that easy to locate.

As you enter, the airy and bright place will bring a smile on your face, the pink walls, the big clock and the road facing view (with no traffic noise). I went here with a vegan friend and she took over the ordering. We had the vegan pizza (yes, with vegan cheese), Nachos and the Pretty P Cold Coffee which was prepared with Almond Milk, Espresso, Dark Chocolate and Cream.

My coffee was awesome and I really enjoyed the almond milk. The pizza, well, I’ve had vegan pizza before only to be disappointed but I’m happy to share that this one tasted nothing like it, this one was delicious! The Nachos were great too. We also had the cheesecake, which was not as dense as a regular cheesecake, but nevertheless, tasted yummy! If there were more vegan places, that created food like that, I would definitely consider turning vegan. Kudos to the service too, we got some great recommendations from the owner who was around, checking on us from time to time. Another cafe on my list of favourites and what a great job at making a non-vegan enjoy vegan food!

Venue: Earth Cafe

Overall rating

Waterfield Road, Bandra West

Landmark: Above Pernia’s Pop Up

Phone: +91 96190 33393


Mumbai Candid at @chandnitolani @mumbaicandid on Instagram and The Big Flip Bar at @earthcafewaterfield

Mumbai Candid at @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid on Twitter

Review: 10th Street Cafe, Khar

The latest entrant in the vegetarian food scene in Mumbai is 10th Street Cafe. We visited the Khar outlet on a Thursday evening and it was quite occupied for a weekday. We sat in the outdoor section as the weather was pleasant.

Cute little place with a bar and a brightly lit indoor section. We ordered for the Quinoa Bean salad which was tossed in a Balsamic Vinegar Dressing and topped with Sour Cream and Avocado. It was fresh, crunchy and delicious. In the appetizers, we tried the Arancini Balls which was served on a bed of Arrabiata sauce. The sauce was great but the rice balls could’ve been, maybe a little more cheese?

Coming to the mains, we had the Spinachy Goat Cheese Pizza, a must try, it was too good, loved the combination of herbed mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese! And we tried the Peri Peri Rice with Mushroom Stew, this was a complete meal for one! The stew was spicy and the rice was prepared with a lot of veggies.

Coming to the desserts, we would totally recommend the Almond Praline Cookie which is also their signature dessert. Layers of Biscuit Crumble, Chocolate and Praline and is served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Only thing that I would like to point out is that the bartender forgot to add alcohol to my Basil Pomtini, which they apologized for later so it’s alright.

Overall, the food and the service was great, definitely a must visit for some great comfort food.

Venue:  10th Street Cafe

Overall rating

Khar West

Landmark: Near Domino’s

Phone: +9187790 92308


Mumbai Candid at @chandnitolani @mumbaicandid on Instagram and 10th Street Cafe at @10thstreetcafe

Mumbai Candid at @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid on Twitter

Review: Out Of The Blue, Bandra gets a makeover

When we heard that the decade old, Out of the blue, Bandra is changing management, we were both nervous and excited.

The interiors of the place are changed completely, so has the menu. From a cozy, romantic diner, Out of the blue is now a casual, brightly lit restaurant. A wine cellar on one side and tables spread throughout the outside section, dare we say that the canopy style seating was highly missed.

The menu had sizzlers but they were not available and we hear that they will no longer be available at Out Of The Blue (noooo!). We decided to try out some of the new starters, the Bravia Potatoes topped with smoked sofrito and garlic saffron aioli and the Asian Spring Veggies Bao with sesame seeds, crushed peanuts and lettuce. The Bravia Potatoes were good, we loved the saffron aioli that they were topped with. The Bao however, was bland and no dipping sauce was served with it.

For mains, since sizzlers were not available, we settled for the pizzas and pastas. We tried the Bianco and the Harissa Roasted Pulled Chicken Pizza. No choice of crusts were offered, again, a disappointment. Taste wise, both the pizzas were quite average.The pastas on the contrary were spectacular. The Gnocchi, the Aglio Olio and the Arrabiata Spaghetti.

Coming to the desserts, we tried the Baked Philly Cheesecake and the Kahlua and Baileys Mousse. Again, the desserts were great, cheesecake was smooth, consistent and not grainy. The mousse had a strong flavour of Baileys and that’s why we loved it.

Overall, this new face of Out Of The Blue had some hits and some misses. With a little bit of polishing, we think they might be able to shine as bright as the old one.

P.S. Please bring back the sizzlers or we will be heartbroken!

Venue: Out Of The Blue

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Union Park, Kharr

Landmark: Near Olive Bar & Bistro

Phone: +91 9324839393


Out Of The Blue at @out_of_the_blue_restaurant on Instagram

Chandni at @chandnitolani and Mumbai Candid at @mumbaicandid on Instagram

Mumbai Candid at @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid on Twitter



Review: Eddie’s Bistro

We were lucky enough to get invited by food critic Rashmi Uday Singh to join her for a review at the new casual diner, Eddie’s Bistro. We began by chit chatting and discussing the Twitterverse, and ordered most of the items on the menu. Beautifully plated and lovely looking dishes arrived in no time. Here’s a low down on what we ate, what we liked and what we’re  going to skip on our next visit.

Fresh Strawberry Iced Tea
Fresh Strawberry Iced Tea

We started our meal with the drinks! Fresh Strawberry Iced Tea, which was a good change from the regular packaged or syrup based iced teas, the Sangria was good too, although not the best we’ve had and last but not the least the Rosemary Spritzers was absolutely delightful.

Miniature Lamb Burgers
Miniature Lamb Burgers
Cottage Cheese Block
Cottage Cheese Block

Coming to the food, some dishes you must try are: Miniature Lamb Burgers – juicy, succulent and delicious, House Spice Rub Chicken – Flavourful chicken cooked to perfection, Unbeetable Burger – A gorgeous burger with a beetroot and cottage cheese patty, Cottage Cheese Block – the best  looking dish served on a bed of Mushroom ragout.

The dishes you should skip: Mac n Cheese Bites and the Polenta Fries. Also the Grilled Prawns are inconvenient to eat because of their shell, so if you are a lazy eater, skip this one.

Hazelnut Torte
Hazelnut Torte

The desserts at Eddie’s are mind blowing. If we could, we would have had all of them, but we would definitely recommend the Panna Cotta, the Hazelnut Torte and the Baked Chocolate! Slurp.

Overall, Eddie’s Bistro is a great place for a casual meal especially for all those who love Burgers and desserts. Eddie’s gets full points for its presentation and service. We’re definitely coming back here.

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Venue: Eddie’s Bistro

Silver Croft Building, 16th Road, Bandra West

Landmark: Next to Khane Khaas Restaurant

Phone:  26002637


Mumbai Candid at @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid

Rashmi Uday Singh at @RashmiUdaySingh

Read Rashmi Uday Singh’s review of Eddie’s Bistro featuring us here: Bombay Times

Mini Review: Guilt Trip

For those who don’t know, Guilt Trip has been started by one of the ex partners of LSD – Love Sugar Dough, hence our expectations were high. Located right next to Baskin Robbins at Carter Road, Guilt Trip is primarily a cupcake shop but also stocks brownies, macaroons and few other desserts.

We tried the Chocolate Truffle Cupcake and it was quite a disappointment. Sugary, dry and not gooey at all. Priced at Rs.70 we expected much more from it. Let’s hope we have a good enough reason to go back there!  

Venue: Guilt Trip
Address: Off Carter Road, Bandra West
Landmark: Next to Baskin Robbins

Phone: 69996096

Review: Bianca

Khar has a brand new bakery that serves desserts, dips and more. Bianca,located in the same lane as Costa Coffee, Khar, is a tiny, cute little place where you can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. They have two tables inside where you can park yourself although take away is recommended.
The display at Bianca is colourful, with cheesecakes, cupcakes, pastries, dips and more. We decided to try the Red Velvet Cupcake to see if it beats our all time favourite at Candies, and the Oreo Cheesecake which looked very tempting.

The Red Velvet Cupcake was dry and not something that we would have on our second visit to Bianca but the Oreo Cheesecake was splendid. The cheesecake layer was delicious with a crusty layer at the bottom. Very different from the ones we have tried before, this one totally scores. 
Our take, opt for the take away, skip the cupcakes and go for the cakes and dips which seem to be quite promising.
Venue: Bianca
Crystal Blue Premises, In the lane of Costa Coffee, 16th road, Khar (W)
Landmark: Next to Curio Cottage

Phone: 26000403, 26000404

Review: San Churro

“In 1528 Hernan Cortes brought the decadent Aztec tradition of chocolate to Spain. So precious was this gift that only the monks were allowed to manufacture chocolate strictly for the Spanish aristocracy. The head monk, San Churro, witnessed many miracles of chocolate including the healing of the Queen of Spain and made it his life’s work to spread the ‘secret’ of chocolate across Europe.

And so began the legend of San Churro…” This is where San Churro, the international dessert chain, originated from. And now, it is in Aamchi Mumbai, after the popular chocolaterie A Chocolate Affair. After hearing so many people talk about it, my sweet tooth was whining till I finally visited it. One advice to everyone looking forward to this place is that, walk in without too many expectations.

The place is divided into two levels, ground and first. The ground level flaunts a big counter with a display of chocolates, desserts, limited snacks and more. The extensive menu has everything chocolate starting from Churros, Hot Chocolate, Shakes, Cakes, Desserts, Sundaes, etc. There is a small seating are on the ground level with about four to five tables and a couple of high stools.

The stairs lead you to the first level which is relatively spacious, brightly lit with huge french windows, comfortable couches and chairs. The decor is pretty impressive, not too loud, subtle and classy. The service could have been better, considering the fact that there were very few people behind the counter and they took close to ten minutes to take down our order. However, they were extremely helpful and well informed about each and every item on the menu; we appreciate!

Coming to our order, the good part is that with every dessert you choose, an option of Dark, Milk or White Chocolate is given to you. Since, Churros was their specialty, I took it for granted that it would be perfectly prepared and decided to skip it for the Double Chocolate Sundae and the Hot Chocolate both with dark chocolate! 

The contents of the Sundae were, Brownie, Chocolate Sauce, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Ice-cream and Rich Cream. A poor imitation of the Chocolate Avalanche served at Mocha’s, this one was a complete let down. The Classic Spanish Hot Chocolate, however, was absolutely sinful. With every sip that I gulped, I made a trip to heaven and back! Super amazing, pure chocolate melted into a beverage, this was the best I have had so far!
Children would love this place and adults who have a soft corner for chocolates are gonna drool as well! If you are planning to have some inexpensive desserts after a budget lunch, skip this place at it’s priced on the higher end!
Venue: San Churro
Shop No. 11, Silver Pearl, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W)
Landmark: Opposite Red Box

Double Chocolate Sundae: Rs 180

Classic Spanish Hot Chocolate: Rs 120