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Review: Nara Thai, BKC

After a long wait and a million recommendations, we finally decided to visit the newest kid on the block, Nara. Brought down to Mumbai all the way from Bangkok, this one comes from the same family as Yauatcha, KA Hospitality. The word “Nara” comes from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘Thai woman’. You can see a glimpse of that in the decor, feminine and classy!

The outdoor section is a dimly lit casual dining space while indoors is bright and more formal. The menu is not too vast but everything looked delightful. A special mention to the service, from the reservation over the phone to the table service, everything was smooth.

For the drinks, the bartender made us a whiskey sour, on request and we picked the Lakhon, a wine based cocktail with Martini Bianco, Green Apple Juice and Passion Fruit from their signature cocktail menu. Potent and fruity, we absolutely loved the Lakhon was truly ‘lakhon mein ek’!

From the food, we tried the Som Tum Salad – the classic Thai salad which was fresh and juicy, a little more spice would’ve been great though. Next up was the Gai Tord Samunprai – Crispy Fried Chicken with Thai Herbs, loved the flavour of the Thai herbs. In the mains, we had the Phad Thai with Chicken and Massaman Curry with Steam Rice. Both the dishes were full of flavour, especially the curry. Coming back for this.

For the desserts, we tried the Nara Coconut Ice Cream with Condiments. This one is a must try. The ice cream is creamy and tastes home made and the colourful condiments take you back to the streets of Thailand!

Overall, if you’re looking for a no frills meal, with no fancy stunts and just a great meal, Nara is a good option. They can definitely polish up their presentation skills, but all in all, for Thai food, this one is a winner!

Venue:  Nara

Bandra Kurla Complex

Overall rating

Landmark: Below Yauatcha

Phone: +9122 6137 8080


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Review: #CoastToCoast Festival at O22, Trident

salad counter buffetSea food lovers, this one is for you! Trident, Bandra Kurla is hosting a Coastal Food Festival called Coast To Coast at their restaurant O22. An extensive buffet spread with an array of delicacies from various coastal regions across India.

We started our meal with the welcome drink, a refreshing blend of Ginger, Lemon and Honey served in a mini matka. The buffet had a live counter where you could choose your fish and the chef would prepare it for you right then. We tried an assortment of seared fish wrapped in a leaf and prawns. Perfectly cooked and delicately spiced, we were already impressed with the food!

Next we moved on to the buffet spread, there was a Farsan Counter, a Pickle and salad counter with some great variations like the Nilgiri Jhinga Salad, Chicken Pakora Salad, Chettinad Paneer Salad and more. The Amrood ki Chutney and the South Indian Pickle were also worth a try.

In the mains, we absolutely loved the Malabar Lamb Biryani – succulent lamb pieces in a flavourful biryani and the Crab Xacuti – crab cooked in a spicy gravy. There were plenty of choices for vegetarians as well like the Badi Choora – a staple Oriya meal with dried lentils mixed with garlic and chopped veggies.

Coming to the desserts, there was Payesh, Kala Jamun, Ras Malai, Macarons, Panna Cotta and some cakes. The Ras Malai and Macarons with a Truffle were on top of our list followed by the rest.

The Coast To Coast Festival is priced at 1975+Tax per person and the menu is rotational. The same menu gets repeated every 6 days.

Overall, this one is a must try for all the coastal food fans!

Venue: O22, Trident

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Bandra Kurla Complex

Landmark: Next to Sofitel Hotel

Phone: 6672 7777


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Sushi Making Workshop at Busago

At a recent event organized by FBAI – Food Bloggers Association of India, Nikhil Chib of Busago conducted a brief workshop on how to make Sushi. We keenly listened and post that attempted to roll our own versions of Sushi. For all those who want to try it at home, we got it recorded. Here’s how you make sushi.

All of us were given a couple of ingredients alongwith the rolling mat and sticky rice. We had to create our versions of the Sushi which would ultimately be tasted and rated by Nikhil and Natasha Chib.

Our version of the Sushi
Our version of the Sushi

We never thought making sushi would be that easy. Definitely going to try it at home and so should you!

Event Venue: Busago

Mathuradas Mills, Lower Parel

Landmark: Opposite Blue Frog

Phone: 33487842


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Review: Tea Trails

If you too are of the thought that tea is an art, thou ought to try Tea Trails. With over 50 varieties of teas to choose from we were definitely spoilt for choice at this newest BKC tea lounge.  Kavita Mathur, the owner of Tea Trails got us on the fun trail to enjoy some of the best teas from around the world. Tea trails offers an array of international blends along with some teatime essential snacks and is not heavy on the pocket too. Our tea tasting expedite comprised of about  6 to 7 varieties of teas, most of which were quite impressive.

Blueberry Mist Tea at Tea Trails
Blueberry Mist Tea at Tea Trails
Turkish Apple Tea
Turkish Apple Tea

The hits: The Green Chamomile Tea (Rs 95) was a hit, it had to be brewed for about 1-2 minutes and was served in a tray with two cups, a delicious Palmier, an hourglass and a little card which mentioned the resting time of the tea. We then chose one from the flavoured black, the Blueberry Mist (Rs.95) with an ideal resting time of about 3-4 minutes but we love our black teas a bit strong so we allowed it to rest for another 2 minutes and it was perfect. This one had a beautiful aroma and a delicate aftertaste of blueberries. Next up was our favourite, the Turkish Apple Tea (Rs.95) from the Tisane tea choices. It had a strong aroma of apple and cinnamon and flavorful bits of apple . Did we forget to tell you that this was the best tea that we tasted at Tea Trails?  In the cold teas, The Taiwanese Mango Bubble Tea (Rs.110) with tapioca balls made us feel like kids with the bubbles bursting in our mouth on every big sip.

Lemon and Mint Ice Tea
Lemon and Mint Ice Tea
Tea Infused Cookies
Tea Infused Cookies

The tea was accompanied with some tea infused cookies which tasted ordinary and we’d give it a miss on our next visit. The Burmese Salad infused with green tea was tangy and crunchy topped with peanuts, a good accompaniment.

The Kullad Special (Rs.70) didn’t quite live up to our expectations and the Chocolate Chai (Rs.60) which could have been a tad chocolat-y. The Lemon and Mint Ice Tea (Rs.80) looked extremely appealing but lacked the mint flavor that would have made it perfect. When asked about this we were told that they ran out of mint leaves as they were almost nearing closing time. We would definitely try it once more to see if it actually has the mint punch. Although, we loved the cheese straws which was served with the Kullad Special and Chocolate Chai.

Burmese Tea Salad
Burmese Tea Salad

We feel Tea Trails has a satisfactory choice for the tea lovers. And they can certainly work on the food menu which could have some fun and interesting choices. Their service was a little slow, although we hope it was just a teething issue. Their prices vary across all three outlets, BKC, Thane and Malad. They also soon plan to sell packaged teas.

We will definitely come back here for the Turkish Apple and the Mango Bubble tea and probably to try out some more teas on their menu.

Venue: Tea Trails

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Capital Building, BKC, Bandra East

Landmark: Behind ICICI Bank

Phone: 40050115


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Review: Vietnamese Food Festival at Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel

Buffet Spread
Buffet Spread

Not many people are aware of this but Vietnamese cuisine is known for its balance of five elements. Most Vietnamese dishes include five fundamental taste senses: spicy (metal), sour (wood), bitter (fire), salty (water) and sweet (earth). We stopped by at Sofitel’s Vietnamese Food Festival wondering if we would get to taste a piece of Vietnam or not.

Chef Dao Van Son, the Executive Sous Chef at the Sofitel Plaza Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam had specially come down from Vietnam to conduct this food festival at their BKC property. Vietnamese cuisine concentrates on herbs over spices and that’s something we were really looking forward to enjoying.

On entering, we saw the huge buffet spread but to our utter disappointment, the spread was divided into Indian, Continental and Vietnamese. The Vietnamese spread had merely 3-4 main course dishes, a couple of salads and a live Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) counter.

Raw Mango Salad
Raw Mango Salad

We started with the salads, that completely stood out for their fresh and tangy flavour. Our favourite was the Raw Mango Salad which was pleasantly sour with fresh herbs and light on the palate.  The Crab Soup was a quite yummy and definitely worth a second serving. The Pho was beautifully prepared, you could choose between Chicken or Beef and they would make it for you with plenty of green onions, rice noodles, ginger and coriander. This one was definitely the star of the meal.

The mains were not as impressive. Fried rice and fried noodles were plain average. The fish was good, tender and cooked to perfection, however the seasoning was missing.

For desserts, there was coffee and mango flavoured jelly alongwith poached fruits. Simple, frill free and light, we quite enjoyed these.

1401648071399 Virgin Pineapple Martini2_Vietnam Voyage_SMBKCThe rest of the spread was quite interesting. A mushroom counter that displayed all types of mushrooms that could be tossed in Thai Curry, Risotto or an Indian gravy, a chaat counter, a fish counter where you could choose your fish and get it cooked the way you want it. There was a good spread of cheeses and salads on one end and a huge spread of bite sized desserts.

We thoroughly enjoyed are experience here and we’re definitely looking forward to the next food festival!

Venue: Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East

Landmark: Near Trident

Phone: 6117 5000


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Review: Smoke House Deli

The oh-so-popular Smoke House Deli has opened a new outlet at BKC. We attended the preview dinner and here’s what we tried!The lovely looking signature cocktails- Fruit, Herb and Floral Infusions.

Californian Plum, Star Anise, Lily and Vodka
Kiwi, Melon, Jasmin and Vodka 
We started our meal with the Paprika Puffs. Crispy and delicious, with a strong kick of Wasabi. If your taste buds can’t handle too much spice, make sure you mention it to the chef while placing your order.
Paprika Puffs with Wasabi
The mains were delicious! The Pan Charred Vegetables and Cheddar Sandwich with Chipotle Mayo is a great option for the veggies. Crunchy vegetables with a flavourful hint of Chipotle. They say, cooking risotto rice perfectly well is the toughest. Smoke House Deli does a fairly good job with their Smoked Mushroom Risotto! Carnivores can add Chicken or Prawns to the same. Last but not the least, the Peri Peri Rubbed Smoked Chicken with Smoked Pimento Reduce was quite a winner. The Chicken was Tender and delectable, definitely our favourite.


Smoke House Deli is usually popular for their desserts, but guess, they were having a bad day. The Philly Cheesecake was grainy and not smooth although the flavour was perfect. The Flourless Fudge Cake on the other hand was warm but not warm enough.
Philly Cheesecake
Flourless Chocolate Fudge with Ice Cream
Smoke House Deli has been a favourite since it opened at Lower Parel. We hope it maintains the standard and quality through all its outlet and we will definitely keep visiting!
FIFC Building, Bandra Kurla Complex
Landmark: Behind Starbucks  
Phone: 02226530762 
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California Pizza Kitchen Gets a New Menu

We were recently invited to try the new menu at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). Here’s a sneak peak into the recent additions.

 Our favourites were the Black Bean Quesadillas and the Chicken Caesar Sandwich in Cheese bread. The Waldorf Salad, although colourful, missed the crunch! The Lettuce Wrap was tangy and delicious and would’ve tasted better if it was slightly warmer. Surprisingly, we were disappointed with the pizzas and would suggest our readers to stick to the classics and not experiment with the new additions.

We loved the fact that all the dishes were served with sides, either salad, fries or dips. Overall, we appreciate CPK’s attempt to try out something new, we love their inhouse baked breads (that are also for sale) and the fresh ingredients used in all the dishes!
Black Bean Quesadillas

 Charqui Chicken

Waldorf Salad
 Lettuce Wrap

 Chicken Caesar Sandwich

Venue: California Pizza Kitchen
Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel | BKC, Bandra | Malad

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Mumbai Candid at @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid