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Wine Week in association with Deutsche Bank and All Things Nice!

We recently attended the preview dinner at Ellipsis, Colaba, for #WineWeek that is happening from 25th August to 31st August at 25 elite restaurants in the city. 

We were given a set menu and each course was paired with an Indian and International wine. Nikhil Agarwal of All Things Nice and Chef Cheung played hosts and shared a lot of interesting stories behind the wines as well as the dishes. 

We loved how the taste of wine differed when paired with the dishes. Amongst our favourites were the Zonin Prosecco Brut, Italy which was served to us before we started our meal and the Myra Shiraz, India (2010) which was served with the second course Peas, Prawns, Truffle, Parmesan, Pickles, Millet, Amaranth. 

The food at Ellipsis was not so impressive but the dessert made up for all the inconsistency in the mains! Cinnamon Cookie, Cinnamon Ice Cream with dark chocolate. By the end of it, we were left craving for more of the delicious ice-cream!
The idea of the wine week is to let people enjoy a 30% off on wines and pair them up with a set menu at any of the following restaurants.
Botticino, Trident Bandra Kurla
• Busaba, Colaba
• Busaba, Lower Parel
• Cafe Mangii, Khar
• Cafe Mangii, Versova
• Cafe Mangii, Powai
• Cafe Prato, Four Seasons Hotel
• Ellipsis
• Great Wall, The Leela
• India Jones, Trident Nariman Point
• Kebab Korner, Intercontinental Marine Drive
• Koh, Intercontinental Marine Drive
• Masala Bay, Taj Lands End
• Ming Yang, Taj Lands End
• Olio, Novotel
• Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra
• Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mahalaxmi
• Opium Den, Trident Nariman Point

• Pali Village Cafe
• Poco Loco
• Prego, The Westin
• Red Zen, Courtyard by Marriott

• San Qi, Four Seasons Hotel
• Stax, Hyatt Regency
• The Tasting Room
• Two One Two Bar and Grill
• Vetro, The Oberoi
• Vinoteca by Sula
• Vista, Taj Lands End

The wine week starts from 25th August 2013. You can book your table here – Make a reservation!


International Beer Day: Happy Hours in the city!

2nd August is International Beer Day and guess what, it’s a Friday! So here’s where you can go, get drunk today!

Where: The Irish House, Lower Parel |Kala Ghoda | Kurla
When: 5.30 PM – 8.30 PM, All days
What’s the deal: 1+1 on domestic and imported liquor

Where: Drunken Munkey, Andheri
When: 11 AM to 12 AM Sun-Thurs and 11 AM to 9 PM Fri-Sat
What’s the deal: 1+1 on domestic and imported liquor

Where: Astrix, Chembur
When: 6 PM to 9 PM, Mon-Fri
What’s the deal: 1+1 on domestic liquor

Where: Amigos, Andheri
When: 6 PM to 9 PM, Everyday
What’s the deal: 1+1 on domestic liquor
Where: The Little Door, Andheri
When: 6 PM – 9 PM
What’s the deal: Unlimited Kingfisher Beer at Rs.397

Where: Loca Loca, Khar
When: Upto 9 PM, All days
What’s the deal: 1+1 on domestic liquor

Aagey Se Right!

If you’ve stayed for over a month in Mumbai, you must’ve realized how hard it is to manage with or without the rickshaws! You can’t survive without them cause they are supposed to be one of the most convenient modes of transport and you can’t survive with them cause the most annoying lot of people have been given the responsibility of riding it.

I have come across some of the worst and hence I’m compelled to share this post with our readers. Here are some categories that I have divided them into; they could fall into one or more of these categories.

Richie Rich: Have you ever been a victim of ‘Madam chuttha nahi hai, sirf 500 ka note hai’ scenario? This one will never have change and will ask you for exact Rs 128.50! How do you get it is your headache, cause I’m not getting off my seat

Tees Maar Khan: If without seeing the Tariff Card, the rickshaw wala tells you, the meter reading interprets to Rs 67, something is fishy. Make sure you pay only after re-checking the card, cause in most cases the guy is trying to con you.

Mr.Google Maps: He will insist that he knows a shorter way to get to your destination, no matter how much you argue. What you should do is, be more persistent!

Racer Pacer: He will cut lanes, speed up on roadblocks, pace into one-ways and disobey all kinds of traffic rules. He would rather believe in the phrase ‘Time is money’ over ‘Better Late than Never’.

The Newspaper: He will make conversations, give you gossip and will know everything that’s happening in the world. From Bigg Boss to Kapil Sibal, he knows it all. Dear traveller, you’re in for some good entertainment.

Pichkaari: He slows down every few minutes to spit out his paan, supari, gutka and the likes. Sick and disgusting as he maybe, don’t forget to remind him of social responsibility before you get off!

Cow, Cow, Holy Cow: Especially when you’re late, you will get this one. You would probably reach faster if you rode on a cow. As soon as you realize that, 30kmph is the fastest he can go, run for your life. Stop wherever you are and shift into a faster vehicle or you will actually have to witness bicycles overtaking you.

The Lecher: He is the one with the multi-purpose rear-view mirror. He will occasionally adjust it, not to see the vehicles coming in from behind, but to get a better view of the passenger seat. Creeps, deserve a kick, where it hurts!

Refusal King: Last, and clearly the worst. The number of times he would say no for your destinations would probably be more than the number of times a bollywood actress would, when confronted about her relationships. From excuses like, ‘Gas nahi hai’ to ‘Rickshaw wapas dena hai’, he would do anything to get away.

To conclude with, here’s a message that I just received. To register a complaint about rickshawwalas:
Sms 98690 89898

1) Refusal – REF
2) Overcharge – EXC
3) No meter – NOM
4) Fast meter – FAST
5) Rudeness – RUD
Code(space) Vehicle no.(Space) Nearest station
E.g. – RUD MH02AB1234 BAND
Also, you can report your complaint on

Review: Mohammad Ali Road

The feast that follows after strict fasting, is quite delightful. Yes, we are talking about the iftaar that happens during the ramzaan period, and the best place to experience this is the famous, Mohammad Ali Road! Even though we don’t deserve this feast as much as they do, we still decided to treat our tummies for some street side tandoori chickens and bheja fries!

The Mohammad Ali road, as you enter, is surrounded by the aroma of kebabs and biryanis. The Minara Masjid lane is one of the most buzzing streets of that area. From the first stall to the last, you will see colourful kebabs, tandoori legs and other delicacies being prepared freshly with oodles of oil and butter!

Besides chicken, there’s mutton, bheja fry, kaleja and dishes that you might have never even heard of. If there was a word called super-delicious, it would have been added to the dictionary after an experience right here, at Mohammad Ali Road. But caution, this is not for the weak stomachs, and certainly not for the faint hearted. The tonnes of oil, butter and masalas that they use, would undoubtedly upset the stomachs of those who are not used to hogging on roadside junk. 

If you are one of those junkies, make sure you go here before Eid and enjoy the food as well as the irresistible dessert options like the Mango Kheer, Rasmalai, Malpua, Chamcham and lots more! Weightwatchers, you can most certainly ignore this post 😉

PS: Make sure you are prepared for the crowded tiny lanes and the traffic honks. Recommended: Use the public transport as there are parking constraints and carry enough cash cause they don’t accept cards out here! 

Timings: 6 30 PM – 5 AM