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Healthy Living and Preventive Check Ups #UnburdenYourHealth

We have been a constant promoter of healthy living, exercising, wellness and healthy eating.

With this post, we want to talk about another important aspect of staying healthy, i.e., regular check ups. In our age of stressful lives, constant burdens of work and responsibilities, it is tough for us to spare time for ourselves. Besides focussing on our eating habits and workout regimes, it is important for us to keep a close tab on the status of our health and constantly strive towards reducing the burden of disease. A preventive health check-up done at least once a year helps uncover a silent disorder and catch it at an early stage before it grows into a complicated and advanced form. This helps early recognition and early treatment resulting in better outcomes and thus helps you #UnburdenYourHealth.

We have partnered with Suburban Diagnostics to promote this concept preventive check ups and would urge everyone to book an appointment for you and your loved ones.

Click here to book an appointment. 



Unboxing the Saffola Active Soups Dabba


I always tend to snack on the most unhealthy things in the evening! If evening hunger pangs bother you too here’s something that will help you make the delicious switch from junk food and caffeine!
The wonderful Mumbai dabbawalas got me the Saffola Active Soups @saffolafitfoodiewhich have 5x more fibre. Low on calories, delicious and a #TastyWayToStayFit is what #Saffola promises you with their new range of soups that keep you full the entire evening. Here’s how it reached us:

The three varieties of soups that reached us are the Red Tomato Soup, Chatpata SweetCorn Soup and the Spicy Manchow Soup. The Tomato Soup was rich and creamy whereas the Sweet Corn Soup was just like an authentic corn soup, hot and comforting. For those who love a little spice in their lives, the Spicy Manchow Soup is a great choice. Overall, this is a great option to avoid unhealthy snacking or as we call it ‘boredom’ snacking.

Saffola Active Soups are easily available at your nearby supermarkets or general stores.


Product Review: Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick

Lakme has launched a range of shades in their new long lasting 9 to 5 range.  We got our hands on the MR6 Vermillion Fired Shade.  Here’s what we thought of it.

lakme 9 to 5 lipstickA bright shade of orange, this one is vibrant and ideal for day wear. Lakme primarily launched this segment of lipsticks for the office goers so that the color lasts through the day. What we loved about the lipstick was the Matte texture and the superb metallic packaging.  When swatched on the arm, the shade is smooth and creamy but it can get patchy on the lips and needs multiple coats. The lipstick does last for about 4-5 hours, definitely less than they claim but it makes for a great option for everyone who loves neon shades.


Priced at Rs.399, the 9 to 5 range has some other amazing shades as well, like the Coffee Command and the Red Chaos. You can buy these shades online as well.

Product: Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick

Shade: Vermillion Fired MR6

Price: Rs.400

Quantity : 3.6g

Buy here: Flipkart | Healthkart


Review: Jiwa Cafe

Bandra is a hub for health and organic cafes as one more enters the market.

Jiwa Roti Concept CafeBrainchild of Mr Raghav Gupta,  Jiwa Cafe offers customised healthy wraps with different Rotis to choose from as your base – Multi-grain, Slimming, Diabetic, Women special, Youth Plus Atta and some more. Choose a main from their limited options as your filling Butter Beans & Feta, Exotic veggies in Balsamic, Tandoori Bhindi Aloo, Paneer Shazlik, Char grilled Fruits and Tofu Parika and top it up with some sauces – Mexican salsa, Greek yogurt, Hummus, Asian Wasabi, Desi Chutney, Nutty Peanut or Pesto.

roti at Jiwa CafeThey also serve healthy dessert options, yes you heard it right ‘healthy’, like the Dark Chocolate, Oat and Muesli Popsicle and a Berry with Oats dessert.

The cafe has no options for the junk food freaks. Also, they serve only vegetarian fare. The seating is uncomfortable and they don’t deliver so opt for a take away. They also sell packaged atta which is their USP.

Would we go back here? Maybe not. If we do we’d only have a couple of Popsicles.

Overall, Jiwa Cafe didn’t seem to impress us with their fare, although the effort of starting up something different is commendable. If they work on their flavours and prove it to the market that healthy food can be tasty (like their neighbours, Gostana), there have a chance.

IMG_20140503_170652On the flipside, we’d give it to them for the Attas, getting  a packet of whole wheat or multi grain atta delivered to your doorstep is not such a bad bet!

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Venue: Jiwa Cafe

Prabhat Kunj, Bandra West

Landmark: Next to The Elbo Room

Phone: 9820031950


Jiwa Cafe at @JiwaHealthy

Mumbai Candid at @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid

Zumba your way to good health!

Full of zeal, Vin Iyer conducts 15 Zumba classes per week at her studio in New Jersey, USA. She is a certified Zumba jammer (a fitness trainer qualified to teach Zumba) in the business since 2007, and the first ever to have conducted workshops in India. This month, she becomes a trainer of the trainers at Talwalkars Mumbai. But first, we sit her down to share fitness tips and tell us why Zumba rocks. Edited excerpts from the interview…

Zumba is exercise in digsuise, says Vin Iyer
How is a Zumba workout different from a regular dance or aerobics class?
Zumba creates a party-like atmosphere in the class and it’s not just about working out. We like to call it exercise in disguise! Aerobics might make for a good workout but there’s no fun factor involved so chances of losing interest over a period of time are high.
We’re partial to dance! Do you think Zumba is more effective?
Yes, it could be more effective. Students seem to dance more in a Zumba class because they’re truly enjoying the moves and the music. Moreover, it is an intense cardio-based activity where your entire body is required to contribute.
How many calories could we expect to burn in an hour-long class?
It depends on the intensity of the moves, but on an average you could burn 500-700 calories per hour.  Can’t beat that! It also depends on how good the trainer is. So far, the trainers I have interacted with at Talwalkars ensure that the clients get desired results and also enjoy the workout.
So the trainers in Mumbai are experienced enough to teach Zumba?
Absolutely, they already have so much dance experience, great Zumba moves and immense stamina. Talwalkars has a progressive instructor-support program where they teach new and relevant skills.
We’re the lazy types, you know. Do we need a certain level of fitness to join a Zumba class?
Some students may need to modify the moves but they can still benefit from the class. Zumba need not always be fast and hard. It is made for everyone. 
Vin, tell us the secret behind your fighting-fit body.
Staying consistent with workouts is very important in maintaining a good weight.  I believe diet too, plays a key role in keeping your body in shape.  I like to indulge (in sinful foods) of course but I limit it to a few times a month.  You could decide when you want to indulge without letting it interfere with your diet and workout schedule.  Be consistent, be persistent.
About Talwalkars Zumba Fitness
The fitness experts at Talwalkars insist that Zumba fitness is a fun workout that will help you shed the extra kilos. Zumba is a combination of dance and movement set to pacey music, a fitness form that dates back to the 90s. Fitness centres of Talwalkars at Warden Road, Chembur, Mulund, Kharghar, and Seawoods Navi Mumbai host Zumba sessions. To join a class, call 022-33710100

By guest blogger Diti Shah