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Sushi Making Workshop at Busago

At a recent event organized by FBAI – Food Bloggers Association of India, Nikhil Chib of Busago conducted a brief workshop on how to make Sushi. We keenly listened and post that attempted to roll our own versions of Sushi. For all those who want to try it at home, we got it recorded. Here’s how you make sushi.

All of us were given a couple of ingredients alongwith the rolling mat and sticky rice. We had to create our versions of the Sushi which would ultimately be tasted and rated by Nikhil and Natasha Chib.

Our version of the Sushi
Our version of the Sushi

We never thought making sushi would be that easy. Definitely going to try it at home and so should you!

Event Venue: Busago

Mathuradas Mills, Lower Parel

Landmark: Opposite Blue Frog

Phone: 33487842


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Review: Jiwa Cafe

Bandra is a hub for health and organic cafes as one more enters the market.

Jiwa Roti Concept CafeBrainchild of Mr Raghav Gupta,  Jiwa Cafe offers customised healthy wraps with different Rotis to choose from as your base – Multi-grain, Slimming, Diabetic, Women special, Youth Plus Atta and some more. Choose a main from their limited options as your filling Butter Beans & Feta, Exotic veggies in Balsamic, Tandoori Bhindi Aloo, Paneer Shazlik, Char grilled Fruits and Tofu Parika and top it up with some sauces – Mexican salsa, Greek yogurt, Hummus, Asian Wasabi, Desi Chutney, Nutty Peanut or Pesto.

roti at Jiwa CafeThey also serve healthy dessert options, yes you heard it right ‘healthy’, like the Dark Chocolate, Oat and Muesli Popsicle and a Berry with Oats dessert.

The cafe has no options for the junk food freaks. Also, they serve only vegetarian fare. The seating is uncomfortable and they don’t deliver so opt for a take away. They also sell packaged atta which is their USP.

Would we go back here? Maybe not. If we do we’d only have a couple of Popsicles.

Overall, Jiwa Cafe didn’t seem to impress us with their fare, although the effort of starting up something different is commendable. If they work on their flavours and prove it to the market that healthy food can be tasty (like their neighbours, Gostana), there have a chance.

IMG_20140503_170652On the flipside, we’d give it to them for the Attas, getting  a packet of whole wheat or multi grain atta delivered to your doorstep is not such a bad bet!

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Venue: Jiwa Cafe

Prabhat Kunj, Bandra West

Landmark: Next to The Elbo Room

Phone: 9820031950


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Review: Sliders

Sliders A very yummy little stopover was had at Sliders – Ketan Kadam’s new all day snacking joint bang on at Linking Rd, Bandra. Almost 3 sliders make up One burger, which makes forever hungry people like us try as many menu options as we please huhuha !

It’s placed bang on in the edge where Linking & Waterfield road meet at the bustling flea shopping area and also shares floor space with Maroosh which according to us is a very intelligent arrangement. Airy & spacious, it makes for a good place to recharge yourself after a heavy shopping spree and then get back into the stores full power once you’re done. Ting!

The very crisp 2 pager menu with brilliant price points starting at Rs 45 made us try almost all the options they had in the burgers, sliders, fries , beverages & dessert courses.

The Chicken Satay sliderLoved the very succulent Chicken Satay slider – Layered with caramelised onions, jalapenos, their secret sauces & a very tender & juicy spiced chicken satay patty. The Thai style fries were smashing & we could not help but think how well they would go with a pint of beer (wishful thinking!)

The Thai style fries
Must try sliders – Chicken Satay, The Double Decker (Loaded with sausage bits & salami), Paneer Chilly, Jalapeno Popper & the star of the show – The Bade Miyan slider – Mutton seekh strips cuddled with decadent sauces, crisp caramelised onions and nestled between the soft and fresh buns that Sliders has, this one is a MUST try here!
Some very well made Nutella coffee & Strawberry shakes add on to the spread, although a little more nutella in the shake wont hurt anybody. We also loved the hot chicken wings – Juicy!!

Hot Chicken Wings Every bite here is guaranteed luscious, add to it the great pricing & location. The place is perfect for the forever on-the-go Mumbaikars that we all are. Service could be a little quicker though, but hey all’s well that ends with a good hearty juicy filling meal!

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Venue:  Sliders

New Karnal Building, Waterfield Road, Bandra West
Landmark: Near Bandra Book Centre

Phone: 66710844


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Review: Mexiloko

Mexiloko's Slushy
Mexiloko’s Slushy

Mexican food, ah, most places don’t get it right. And the number of places that serve Mexican cuisine in our city can be literally counted on our fingers.

Mexiloko, a QSR, that recently opened at Colaba Causeway caught our attention and we hopped in to try out the food.

Bright colorful decor with a couple of tables, Mexiloko is primarily a take away place. The menu is extensive with Nachos, Tacos, Empanadas, Burritos, Mex’d Up Bowls and more.

Fish Taco
Fish Taco

We started our meal with the Golden Delight Nachos. Crispy and cheesy, they were good, although not the best that we have had. Next up was the Lime and Coriander Fish Taco. Juicy Basa in a crispy taco topped with cheese and lettuce, the best dish of the evening!

Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla
Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla

The Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla was flavorful and delicious too but not better than the Fish Taco. We also tried the Zesty Soya Mex’d Up Bowl. Mince Soya served with tomato Mexican rice, beans, salsa, lettuce and pico. Although the taste was good, we found the entire dish a bit too dry for our palate.


We saved the best for the last, Churros with Chocolate Sauce. For 60 bucks only, this one is a steal. Cinnamon and Chocolate are a match made in heaven.

Overall, Mexiloko is a great option for a quick snack and beats all others at their price point. They serve 5 different types of salsas that vary in flavour and hotness. Oh my Jalapeno was our favourite from the 5 and for the spice lovers, the Firecracker salsa will definitely crack you up!

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Venue: Mexiloko

Bela Court, Colaba Causeway, Colaba

Landmark: Ahead of Camy Wafers



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Review: Sufra

When a place claims their food is authentic, we expect it to be authentic. If we are sold water in a coke bottle, we would definitely have a problem. That’s how we can best describe our experience at Sufra by Moshes.
Having lived in the gulf for over a decade, we definitely can’t go wrong in how an authentic Chicken Shawarma should taste. The Shawarma at Sufra, priced at Rs.150, almost double of the other Shawarma places, was served in a Roti like bread, definitely not pita. The bread was half cooked and most of it got stuck to the paper that it was served in.

Need we say more? Although the flavours were good, but the bread put us off completely, compelling us to trash more than half of it. Opt for Carters Blue Shawarmas or a roll from Maroosh instead and you won’t be disappointed.

Venue: Sufra
Carter Road, Bandra
Landmark:  Near Oceanic Building

Phone: 26497259