Review: The Bombay Canteen

Call it popular, call it innovative or call it just the novelty factor, The Bombay Canteen has been open for a couple of weeks now but to get a reservation here is tougher than getting a rickshaw outside Andheri station.
Precisely why we decided to simply walk in on a Wednesday evening to try our luck, to find it completely empty. We were told that we could get a table only till 9 PM and we agreed to take it.
To start off with, let’s talk about the ambiance, bright, airy and soft music. A complete win. The music tends to get louder and the lights dimmer after 8 PM. The menu is quite limited and though the names sound great the food is simple and a fusion of traditional meets contemporary.
We started our meal with the Aloo Bravas with yoghurt, mustard, red chilli and nylon sev – tasty and definitely a good snack to go with a drink. Next on the table were the Desi Tacos – desi because the tortillas are replaced with theplas. The chicken ones were quite delicious because of the spicy chettinad flavour, the vegetarian ones were average.
Stuffed Grilled Chillies
Stuffed Grilled Chillies
Next, on the server’s recommendation, we ordered the Cheese Stuffed Grilled Chillies, this one was the biggest disappointment. Bland and tasteless, even the cheese couldn’t make it taste better.
The other quick bites we really enjoyed were the Sprouted Lentil Chaat and the Teekha Chicken Wings.
Drinks at The Bombay Canteen are the highlights. Be it the potent Desi Whiskey Sour or the non alcoholic TZ’s Elixir, we really enjoyed the drinks!
Overall, this ones definitely an add on to the numerous bars in Lower Parel with a limited food menu. A few good finger food options and a couple of drinks and it can be your go-to place for after work parties. Although we wouldn’t know how to deal with the week long waiting list for reservations!
PS: By 8.30 PM the place was packed and there were no empty tables.

Venue: The Bombay Canteen

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Kamala Mills, Lower Parel

Landmark: Near Radio Mirchi Office

Phone: 4966 6666


The Bombay Canteen at @Bombay_Canteen

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