Parsi Treat at BawiBride’s #PatetiPopUp

The festivities have begun. August is here. We have all the reasons to celebrate. From Janmashtmi and Parsi New Year to Ganesh Chaturthi, every festival calls for some distinct food and sweets!

On the occasion of Parsi New Year, Perzen, popularly known as BawiBride (Twitter), invited a bunch of us over, to her crib for a traditional Parsi meal. Pateti, the last day on the Parsi Calender, is celebrated as wonderfully as Navroze (First Day/ New Year Day). And there we were, celebrating Pateti over an elaborate meal and long conversations!

The menu was set, a tempting three course meal. Parsi nosh – Cheese Eeda Cutlets, Saas ni Prawns, Shehenshahi Pulao and dense Chocolate Mousse.

Cheese Eeda Cutlets
Cheese Eeda Cutlets

We started with the Cheese Eeda Cutlets, sinful, stuffed with Cheese, Egg and more Cheese, we couldn’t get enough of these. We had to stop ourselves from eating too much of the Cutlets so that we saved some space for the rest of the meal.

Saas Ni Prawns
Saas Ni Prawns

This was followed by the Saas ni Prawns, a Parsi version of the Prawn Curry which we enjoyed with Rotis. We also got to know a lot about Parsi food, the preparation style and how this dish was one of the easiest to prepare but yet so delicious!

Shahenshahi Kheema Pulao
Shahenshahi Kheema Pulao

Then came the Shehenshahi Kheema Pulao. Layered with Kheema, Rice, Eggs and Dry Fruits, this one was a star. Every layer was perfectly cooked and blended extremely well. The raisins and fried onions added that extra oomph to the dish.

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse

Then came the dessert. BawiBride’s most famous Chocolate Mousse. Even though we were stuffed and had absolutely no room left, we couldn’t just stop eating this. Eggless Chocolate Mousse topped with chocolate Chips, yum!

If you want to learn how to make these dishes, simply get on to Perzen’s blog where she has most of the recipes up! Or if you’re to lazy to do that, give her a call and place an order. Yes, she takes orders!


@BawiBride (The host of the dinner)

@RoshniBajaj, @SaranshGolia, @ZeniaIrani, @ShaaqT, @riotofflavours @DitiShah @Suprio24 and @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid

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