Review: Sliders

Sliders A very yummy little stopover was had at Sliders – Ketan Kadam’s new all day snacking joint bang on at Linking Rd, Bandra. Almost 3 sliders make up One burger, which makes forever hungry people like us try as many menu options as we please huhuha !

It’s placed bang on in the edge where Linking & Waterfield road meet at the bustling flea shopping area and also shares floor space with Maroosh which according to us is a very intelligent arrangement. Airy & spacious, it makes for a good place to recharge yourself after a heavy shopping spree and then get back into the stores full power once you’re done. Ting!

The very crisp 2 pager menu with brilliant price points starting at Rs 45 made us try almost all the options they had in the burgers, sliders, fries , beverages & dessert courses.

The Chicken Satay sliderLoved the very succulent Chicken Satay slider – Layered with caramelised onions, jalapenos, their secret sauces & a very tender & juicy spiced chicken satay patty. The Thai style fries were smashing & we could not help but think how well they would go with a pint of beer (wishful thinking!)

The Thai style fries
Must try sliders – Chicken Satay, The Double Decker (Loaded with sausage bits & salami), Paneer Chilly, Jalapeno Popper & the star of the show – The Bade Miyan slider – Mutton seekh strips cuddled with decadent sauces, crisp caramelised onions and nestled between the soft and fresh buns that Sliders has, this one is a MUST try here!
Some very well made Nutella coffee & Strawberry shakes add on to the spread, although a little more nutella in the shake wont hurt anybody. We also loved the hot chicken wings – Juicy!!

Hot Chicken Wings Every bite here is guaranteed luscious, add to it the great pricing & location. The place is perfect for the forever on-the-go Mumbaikars that we all are. Service could be a little quicker though, but hey all’s well that ends with a good hearty juicy filling meal!

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Venue:  Sliders

New Karnal Building, Waterfield Road, Bandra West
Landmark: Near Bandra Book Centre

Phone: 66710844


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