Review: Eddie’s Bistro

We were lucky enough to get invited by food critic Rashmi Uday Singh to join her for a review at the new casual diner, Eddie’s Bistro. We began by chit chatting and discussing the Twitterverse, and ordered most of the items on the menu. Beautifully plated and lovely looking dishes arrived in no time. Here’s a low down on what we ate, what we liked and what we’re  going to skip on our next visit.

Fresh Strawberry Iced Tea
Fresh Strawberry Iced Tea

We started our meal with the drinks! Fresh Strawberry Iced Tea, which was a good change from the regular packaged or syrup based iced teas, the Sangria was good too, although not the best we’ve had and last but not the least the Rosemary Spritzers was absolutely delightful.

Miniature Lamb Burgers
Miniature Lamb Burgers
Cottage Cheese Block
Cottage Cheese Block

Coming to the food, some dishes you must try are: Miniature Lamb Burgers – juicy, succulent and delicious, House Spice Rub Chicken – Flavourful chicken cooked to perfection, Unbeetable Burger – A gorgeous burger with a beetroot and cottage cheese patty, Cottage Cheese Block – the best  looking dish served on a bed of Mushroom ragout.

The dishes you should skip: Mac n Cheese Bites and the Polenta Fries. Also the Grilled Prawns are inconvenient to eat because of their shell, so if you are a lazy eater, skip this one.

Hazelnut Torte
Hazelnut Torte

The desserts at Eddie’s are mind blowing. If we could, we would have had all of them, but we would definitely recommend the Panna Cotta, the Hazelnut Torte and the Baked Chocolate! Slurp.

Overall, Eddie’s Bistro is a great place for a casual meal especially for all those who love Burgers and desserts. Eddie’s gets full points for its presentation and service. We’re definitely coming back here.

Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Venue: Eddie’s Bistro

Silver Croft Building, 16th Road, Bandra West

Landmark: Next to Khane Khaas Restaurant

Phone:  26002637


Mumbai Candid at @ChandniT @MumbaiCandid

Rashmi Uday Singh at @RashmiUdaySingh

Read Rashmi Uday Singh’s review of Eddie’s Bistro featuring us here: Bombay Times

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