Zumba your way to good health!

Full of zeal, Vin Iyer conducts 15 Zumba classes per week at her studio in New Jersey, USA. She is a certified Zumba jammer (a fitness trainer qualified to teach Zumba) in the business since 2007, and the first ever to have conducted workshops in India. This month, she becomes a trainer of the trainers at Talwalkars Mumbai. But first, we sit her down to share fitness tips and tell us why Zumba rocks. Edited excerpts from the interview…

Zumba is exercise in digsuise, says Vin Iyer
How is a Zumba workout different from a regular dance or aerobics class?
Zumba creates a party-like atmosphere in the class and it’s not just about working out. We like to call it exercise in disguise! Aerobics might make for a good workout but there’s no fun factor involved so chances of losing interest over a period of time are high.
We’re partial to dance! Do you think Zumba is more effective?
Yes, it could be more effective. Students seem to dance more in a Zumba class because they’re truly enjoying the moves and the music. Moreover, it is an intense cardio-based activity where your entire body is required to contribute.
How many calories could we expect to burn in an hour-long class?
It depends on the intensity of the moves, but on an average you could burn 500-700 calories per hour.  Can’t beat that! It also depends on how good the trainer is. So far, the trainers I have interacted with at Talwalkars ensure that the clients get desired results and also enjoy the workout.
So the trainers in Mumbai are experienced enough to teach Zumba?
Absolutely, they already have so much dance experience, great Zumba moves and immense stamina. Talwalkars has a progressive instructor-support program where they teach new and relevant skills.
We’re the lazy types, you know. Do we need a certain level of fitness to join a Zumba class?
Some students may need to modify the moves but they can still benefit from the class. Zumba need not always be fast and hard. It is made for everyone. 
Vin, tell us the secret behind your fighting-fit body.
Staying consistent with workouts is very important in maintaining a good weight.  I believe diet too, plays a key role in keeping your body in shape.  I like to indulge (in sinful foods) of course but I limit it to a few times a month.  You could decide when you want to indulge without letting it interfere with your diet and workout schedule.  Be consistent, be persistent.
About Talwalkars Zumba Fitness
The fitness experts at Talwalkars insist that Zumba fitness is a fun workout that will help you shed the extra kilos. Zumba is a combination of dance and movement set to pacey music, a fitness form that dates back to the 90s. Fitness centres of Talwalkars at Warden Road, Chembur, Mulund, Kharghar, and Seawoods Navi Mumbai host Zumba sessions. To join a class, call 022-33710100

By guest blogger Diti Shah

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