Gig by the sea

Before Saturday night sets in, pre-game with free music by the sea. At 6 pm tomorrow, Mackichan Hall Chowpatty will open doors for Puma’s annual music gig, PUMA Loves Vinyl (last year, it took place at Mehboob Studios).

This one’s for the fans of drum’n bass and desi electronica. The opening act is Delhi Sultanate’s solo project BASSFoundation Roots (6.30 pm) followed by hip-hop mixer DJ Uri (7.30 pm) and Madhav Shorey’s newish EDM project Kohra (8.30 pm). We’re particularly excited about Midival Punditz’s spirited, pacey electronic set. B-boys and hip-hop dancers will add to the entertainment.
The gig also marks the launch of Puma’s music CD featuring the above artists. 
Delhi beat: Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj of Midival Punditz 
– by guest blogger Diti Shah

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