Review: Bagelwala

After the popular Bagel Shop in Bandra, there is another contender that claims to sell authentic New York style bagels and it’s called Bagelwala! The location is a little difficult to spot, technically in the lane behind Title Waves/ Di Bella Coffee. 
A cozy little cafe, Bagelwala gives you a warm and welcoming feel as soon as you step in. We were informed that the wall paintings and name board outside were all hand painted to resemble Balbharati characters. The cafe has an outdoor seating and a tiny indoor seating. They have used the space well and accommodated a small seating area upstairs with a rather scary and steep staircase leading you there.
Once we were seated, we looked around to see games, Taboo, Scrabble and the likes. The menu consisted of various types of Bagels, a few beverages and desserts. We tried the Chicken Jalapeno Bagel with cream cheese in herb bread. Absolutely delicious with chunks of cheese inside, weight watchers, beware! Next we tried the Nutella Bagel which was a delight! But then, you really can’t go wrong with anything Nutella, can you? Although we would have liked the bagel to be a little softer and less chewy than it was! The beverages we called for, Honey Lemonade and Mint Iced Tea were quite average and simply a good accompaniment with the food.
We also thought the pricing was a little steep, with one non-veg bagel costing Rs.220 and a glass of Iced Tea priced at Rs.120. But the delivery offer which is 13 bagels for Rs.900 delivered anywhere across the city, is a steal of a deal! 
Special mention to their eco-friendly packaging. All their boxes and dip cups are made of sugarcane and are completely eco-friendly. 
Will we come back here? Most definitely! We hope they introduce some combo meals which would not make a meal here too heavy on the pocket! 
Venue: Bagelwala
Crowne Palace, 23rd Road, Behind Title Waves, Bandra (W)
Landmarks: Near Tawaa Restaurant
Phone: 33789960

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