Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011

The 9- day long fest at Kala Ghoda, is known to be a hub for art lovers to share their interests, work, talents and ideas. I visited the festival on the 12th of February and was taken aback with the beautifully set up stalls with paintings, handicrafts, best out of waste, photographs and the likes. From food stalls to a complete overdose of artworks, the Kala Ghoda festival was absolutely overwhelming. I feel proud to live in a country that is brimming with so much talent and inspiration. Here are some pictures that could give you a gist of this magnificent festival.
Caricatures of some popular and well known icons were displayed at the entrance. From Elvis Presley to Asha Bhonsle and from Manmohan Singh to Mona Lisa, the who’s who of the world were sketched out amazingly!
Colours, colours and colours, everywhere! All the possible forms of art were showcased at the small stalls spread across the street. Level of appreciation and admiration was extremely high!
Get transported into rural India, right here in Mumbai. This stall sold ethnic Indian wear and was set up to give a feel of the traditional huts with thatched roofs and pottery.
With every step I took, I was amazed to see some phenomenal works of art that had something completely exclusive to flaunt. Be it the the robot, best out of waste entrance or the bike with wings, my eyes were popping out wherever I looked πŸ™‚
The crowd surrounded this group of Rajasthani dancers, who were performing right in the centre of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.
The top view of the amphi theatre, yes, there were hundreds of people there to admire and get inspired from the rich talent that this festival boasted!Β 
I must say that this is one festival that makes Mumbai a great place to visit, especially for art lovers! If you’re getting tempted after seeing these pictures, make sure you visit it the next time! And you certainly won’t hold any regrets! πŸ™‚
Fort, Mumbai

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