Store Review – Zara, Mumbai

Yes, finally the prayers of us, Mumbaikars, have been answered. The brand Zara opens it’s first fashion outlet at Palladium Mall in Phoenix Mills. A little birdie had informed me that this new outlet in Mumbai is going to be one of the most expensive outlet in the world. And as I stepped into the store I expected it to be crowded with window shoppers. But surprisingly, there were women, men and children, stocking up their shopping carts like there’s no tomorrow. A glance at the fitting rooms and the cash counter actually got me worried, cause the queue seemed never ending.

And these shoes, are certainly on my wishlist! Don’t you dare eye ’em!

What you should look out for: Ladies, the shoes are going to make you go bonkers! They start at about 2k and go higher. You’d love the stilletos and wedges. The tops start at Rs 700 and go upto 3k and higher. Dresses start at Rs 1.5k. 
Men, you should totally check the blazers and fedoras out. They are absolutely stunning!
Lastly, the adorable swim suits and frilly skirts will totally make your children look like angels!
Overall, Zara is not overpriced for sure but if you plan to go there, make sure your pockets are full 🙂
Zara, welcome to Mumbai!
Venue: Zara, Palladium Mall, Ground Floor, 
            Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel

7 thoughts on “Store Review – Zara, Mumbai”

  1. I know, coming from the Middle East myself and walking malls with the likes of Zara around, this totally made me smile! The Zara here is kick-ass! I really can't wait to shop here soon. I really like the picture of the suede stiletto that you've taken; it's so pretty. There were these other gorgeous suede striped ballet flats that looked cute too. I want! 😦 Let's go soon, Chands! Btw, my friend told me there are sexy denims at Vera Moda that aren't too pricey.

  2. Your Review of the Zara Store was bang on! keep commenting on the bombaystylestalker page on ur favorite stuff! thank u

  3. Love it love it! You know, I'm really curious how they price it in India….

    I'm in Kuwait and I know that they seriously over charge here….

  4. Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

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