Hide. Aim. Shoot.

After watching the T.V. series How I Met Your Mother and claiming to be a hardcore Barney fan, I couldn’t not suit up and go play lazer tag! So after a long tiring day at work, me along with a couple of friends decided to go shoot each other and welcome the weekend with some fun.
All geared up, we headed to Chitrakoot Grounds and were amazed to find some other fun activities like Bungee Soccer and Sumo Wrestling there as well. But we had set our minds on lazer tag and so we did.

The set up was in an open ground with some barriers thrown around for the participants to hide. We suited up and got our lazer guns triggered. Once we were in, we forgot everything that was on our mind and went crazy running, hiding, aiming and shooting. The game went on for ten minutes. Even though before entering we thought, it would be less, by the eight minute we were sweaty and tired. This was one hell of an experience and you get no points for guessing who won! 😉

The bottom line is, if you are stressed and need to get rid of all the frustration, spare the people around you and opt for lazer tag! And you might just surprise yourself by discovering your shooting capabilities.

Venue: Chitrakoot Grounds, Next to Fun Republic, Andheri (W)
Lazertag: Rs 180 per person
Sumo Wrestling: Rs 120 per person

Bungee Soccer: Rs 120 per person

P.S: I’m soon gonna go back there for the Sumo Wrestling bit 😉 Watch out opponent!

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