Restaurant Review: Pronto

I’m not a very big fan of Italian food, but yeah, once in a while, I really don’t mind it. Scouting around the city is a part of my job, and on one such aimless roaming day, I came across this little cozy eatery at Hill Road called Pronto. I kept my expectations low when I first stepped in cause the place was empty, unless I count the waiters.

Yeah, so I called for the Pasta Arrabiata with Penne. Honestly, I’m a cheese person and not quite fond of the red sauce pasta, but for some absurd reason, I decided to try this one. And trust me, I’ve gone there three times till date, and only ordered for the Arrabiata! It’s just perfect! Spicy, tangy and well-cooked. You already have a fan, Pronto!

Venue: Pronto, Hill Road, Next to Falafels
Pasta Arrabiata: Rs 140

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