Superheroes – From Reel to Real!

Venue: Carter Road, Bandra
The spirit of Mumbai without doubt deserves a huge applause. I was lucky enough to bump into a bunch of superheroes enjoying a smoke free ride on their cycles!

The sweet smiley witch was more than willing to pose for a picture when I asked her to! And don’t miss her magical broom on top of the back wheel.

I don’t know what he’s dressed as, a mob or a thief-hero 😉 Nevertheless, he looked adorable!

There’s Sapna Bhavnani along with the Green Woman and a ghost buster? Erm, I’m not too sure!

There he was, posing with his red mask and compact bicycle! 
That’s our superheroes, enjoying a much deserved serving of Matka Kulfi after a superb ride!
And the spirit of these guys has certainly tempted me to gift myself a bicycle, really soon fellas!
P.S: Apologies for the picture quality, all clicked from my blackberry since I wasn’t quite prepared for this one!

6 thoughts on “Superheroes – From Reel to Real!”

  1. Awesome pics Chand! Saw these people riding near my house in the evening and was wondering what's going on…The crazy costumes and the whole energy was awesome. I think Sapna looked the best, her hair was fab!

  2. Join the wall project (on fb) people for more such crazy / mad / awesome events. Come one. Come all!

    PS: Neat pics, even though from a cell.

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